Measures for effective classroom management

What measures you will take for effective Classroom management?

C.R. leads a lot of practice and patience on the teacher’s part. If handled effectively then students will remember you lovingly for their entire life and draw inspiration from you.

1) Most important love the profession and the children. Everything else automatically follows.

2) Quickly learn the names of the children and their seating arrangement.

3) Ensure class is neat and tidy, well-lit, well-ventilated and cleaned every day.

4) Take proper roll call

5) Ensure children maintain correct postures.

6) Develop a good personality and lead by example.

7) Keep everything needed to teach ready before hand.

8) Focus on teaching the whole class.

9) Keep individual differences in mind and students can be grouped according to their abilities.

10) Use a variety of teaching aids to hold their interest.

11) Adopt scientific methods and techniques of teaching that will involve and make students participate actively – like discussion, inquiry training, concept attainment, dramatization, role plays, debates, projects.

12) Adopt learning by doing.

13) Allow children to occasionally talk about any other matter or their experiences that interests them.

14) Do not admonish or criticize students in front of the whole class.

15) Never use corporal punishment. Handle disciplinary issues with love, care and patience.

16) Be sympathetic, friendly and understanding with the students.

17) Follow principles of democracy – treat all children equally irrespective of their abilities, status and backgrounds.

18) Be fair and impartial.

19) Motivate and praise students.

20) Be flexible.

21) Give proper feedback to parents at PTA meetings.

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