Explain Questionnaire

Q. Questionnaire and it’s characteristics

As per Good & Hatt – “In general, the word Questionnaire refers to a device for securing answers to questions by using a form which the respondent fills in himself.”

Types of questionnaire

  • Having Closed questions – Yes-No type of questions. Objectivity is present and they are quick and easy to complete and analyse.

Eg. Do you like music? (Yes/No).

  • Having Open or Descriptive Questions – They take more time to answer. Difficult to analyse as a lot of subjectivity seeps in.

Eg. Describe your best friend’s qualities.

Characteristics of questionnaire

  • Should be based on objectives and not very lengthy.
  • Questions should be clear, specific and attractive.
  • Instructions should be provided before starting.
  • Questions should be arranged sequentially from easy to difficult and from general to specific.

Need and purpose of questionnaire

We can get personal information and personal opinions of the individual which he cannot speak openly. It is also very useful to know about hobbies, attitudes, willingness, etc. of the person.

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