Define Psychological Tests and list different types of tests

Q. Psychological Tests

These tests are the tools of guidance which help the teacher to understand the weaker and stronger points of the students. Individual differences which are the heart of guidance are measured by the test. Test if chosen judiciously, facilitates self analysis so is one of the primary functions of guidance. Test indicates changes that are needed in some aspects of the environment of students.


  • Individual Test – Administered to examine one at a time.
  • Group Test – It is administered like a school exam to many examiners at one time.
  • Performance Test – No use of language in contrast to pencil and paper test in individual and group.

II Educational Achievement Test

  • Survey – Comprehensive examination used to determine general academic standing.
  • Subject-wise test
  • Diagnostic test – This type of test covers a wide range of academic skills and used to find out weak and strong points of students.

III Aptitude Test

  • General Aptitude Test – To find out Mechanical ability and clerical ability.
  • Special Aptitude for School subject
  • Professional Aptitude test – For law, medicine, teaching, engineering field.
  • Talent aptitude test – Regarding art, music and tests used in career guidance.

IV Personality Tests

  • Personal adjustment questionnaire – Eg. Subject of worries, fears, social problems, etc.
  • Attitude Survey – This test is based on social, economic and political questionnaire.
  • Interest Inventories – Related to various occupations.
  • Environmental factors related to personalityQuestionnaire covering socio-economic backgrounds and other work.
  • Projective techniques – directed to dominant personality test.

Use of or importance of or merits of or what is standardized test?

It has important role in guidance programme –

  • It gives us objective and impartial information about the individual.
  • We can find out the assets and limitations of an individual.
  • It provides information in much less time as compared to other tests.
  • These tests measure those aspects of behavior which otherwise cannot be obtained.
  • In subject-wise observation we may overlook shy children but this test discovers such cases also.

Training of the guide & counsellor or teacher & precautions in test

  • Guide should attain several courses in the field of psychological measurements and statistical techniques.
  • Guide should be well-versed with different type of tests.
  • Guide should know where to find detailed information about specific tests.
  • Should know how to supplement or add to the test data.
  • Guide should keep himself in touch with the latest methods of using the test.
  • Guide should know the elementary statistical measurements.
  • The guide should keep in mind that tests are only a technique that is devised to facilitate understanding of an individual.

Drawbacks of psychological tests

  • Teachers are no trained in the administration of such tests.
  • Many psychological tests are not culture free so they cannot be used as such in all cultures.
  • Tests which have been constructed in Indian conditions are not standardized.

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