What is teaching

What is teaching


Team Teaching is a method to utilize teachers to the maximum for different roles.

It also results in the regrouping of students rescheduling of time and rearranging of teaching space.

Team teaching is an effort to secure better co-operation from the teachers with an intention that team approach gives better results.

It has been realized that the team effort can provide better education for the students.

Team teaching is applicable to all levels of the school.

The main point of team teaching is planning which becomes an essential part of teaching and the specialized training of teachers is put to use for a large group of pupils.

With proper preparation, with the arrangement of teaching aids and materials, the task of conducting lessons becomes stimulating and interesting for Students.

It is true that each team member works in the area of his Specific specialization, but combined together the team effort becomes a successful teaching effort.

The use of audio-visual equipment further strengthens teaching.

Meaning of teaching

The term team teaching can be defined in many ways.

According to, J. Lloyd Trump, “Team teaching is an arrangement whereby two or more teachers with assistants plan, instruct and evaluate co-operatively two or more class groups in order to take advantage of their respective special competencies as teachers.”

Harols S. Davis, “Team teaching may be considered to be any form of teaching in which two or more teachers, teaching regularly and purposefully share responsibilities for the, planning and correlating of lessons to one or more classes of students.”

You can generalize that team teaching is any form of teaching in which two or more teachers purposefully share responsibility for the planning, organizing and evaluating the learning of a large group of students.

It has a shared responsibility with a purpose that teachers can accomplish more by working together with their different expertise.

Characteristics of teaching

  1. The plan of team-teaching is flexible.
  2. The teachers decide their activities themselves in the team teaching.
  3. In team teaching, the entire responsibility does not fall on one teacher only but it is shared by others too. Hence, this method is based on collective responsibility.
  4. In the team- teaching various aspects of any topic if one subject is taught by two or more teachers turn by turn.
  5. In the team-teaching process, the needs of the pupils, and schools and existing resources and also considered.
  6. All the teachers involved in the team-teaching plan teaching cooperatively and execute it cooperatively. In spite of this evaluation is also done on cooperative basis.
  7. Team-Teaching is based on cooperation. All the teachers participating in the team teaching apply their resources, abilities and experiences.
  8. In this type of task, two or more teachers participate in the teaching.

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