Correlation of geography within the subject and with other subjects

Explain the correlation of geography with history and mathematics and science with suitable examples.


Just as we use previous knowledge during the set induction of any new concept, for effective teaching-learning, similarly, geography can be taught in relation with other subjects for better understanding as it cuts a section through all the systematic sciences.

DEFINITION – The relationship between subjects of equal or related or dependent factors is called correlation.


  • Students’ knowledge and understanding of both subjects improves and becomes deeper.
  • Time is saved as the teaching of concepts can be divided amongst the 2 subject teachers.

Correlation of Geography with History

Geography encompasses the study of a place and its relation with humans while History tells us the story of the humans of that place at some point of time. Geography studies the topography, landscapes, water bodies, etc and these same aspects play an important role in winning wars and battles and overthrowing empires in History. Thus Geography and History are inter-related.

Eg. How India won the Kargil War by blasting the soft rocks of Tiger Hill or how Shivaji Raje Bhosale used the topography of the land to capture, build and protect several forts.

Correlation of Geography with Mathematics

Geography is an integrated science and there is no science that can exist without the game of numbers. This holds true for Geography too. We need Mathematics to calculate altitudes, depths, strikes, dips, slope, location (longitude-latitudes), distances, measure population and compare economic growth and also use it in graphs and topographical maps. Thus Geography and Maths are inter-related.

Eg. Distance between celestial bodies, height of mountains, depth of oceans, thickness of crust, core, mantle, etc.

Thus Correlation helps in deeper, better, easier, quicker and a more accurate understanding of the topic.

Correlation of Geography with Science

Geography’s largest and most prominent overlapping is with Science. Geography has many topics which are also present in botany, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, etc. Like to use apparatus such as thermometers, spirit level, barometers, we need to know the general rules of physics. Thus Geography and Science are inter-related.

Eg. To understand the composition of rocks and minerals and their crystallisation, we need to know chemistry and how elements react with each other. To study the working of a rain gauge to measure rainfall, we need to know physics.

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