Audio Visual Teaching aids for Geography

Effective teaching aids for Geography subject

How to use Audio Visual aids more effectively at secondary level?


Teaching aids play a very important role in the teaching of geography. They make learning of geography very effective and interesting for the learner.

Teaching Aids

  1. Maps – Show the distribution of crops, population, rainfall, climate, etc.
  2. Globe – It is a replica of the earth. Used for teaching latitudes, longitudes, oceans, seasons, spatial geography, etc.
  3. Chalk Boards – Traditional and economical aid. Teacher can draw diagrams and make learning of geography very effective.
  4. Radio – Programs broadcasted by the Meteorological department, natural regions, state cultures, etc.
  5. Models – Models of volcanoes, sea- bed, waterfall, solar system, etc.
  6. Bulletin Boards – Useful to show bulleted strips of paper that showcase various facts and picture about one particular topic, eg. Tsunami.

Audio Visual Aids

These are the best to use as they involve maximum use of audio-visual sense organs. Which make teaching learning more effective and interesting.

Examples of Audio-visual aids

  1. Soil, Std X – Teacher can show downloaded programs explaining soil and its different types and use in agriculture.
  2. Industries, Std X – Teacher can show flashcards of various industries.
  3. Natural Vegetation and wildlife, Std I – CDs of Discovery Channel or National Geographic channel can be shown.
  4. Climate, Std IX – Can prepare a powerpoint presentation on computer showing pictures on climate, maps, wether distribution, winds, etc.and show it on the k-yan.
  5. Std 7, South Africa – Teacher can use Cinema to show movies like Gods Must be Crazy, or Born free to get an idea about the natural region and lifestyle.
  6. Std 7, Egypt – Similarly, there are various movies shot extensively in Egypt that can hold the interest of the students.
  7. Std X, Population – A documentary on Television presenting the ills of population explosion can be shown.
  8. Std 8, Agents of Weathering – Students can be taken on a field trip to a river bed to see the weathering natural forms.

Significance of teaching aids

  1. Help clear abstract concepts. Eg. Eclipses, solar system
  2. Keep students active in the classroom
  3. Students remember ideas effectively
  4. Attract and sustain attention
  5. Add liveliness to the lesson
  6. Make teaching learning interesting and effective.
  7. Teaching aids helps to enhance teachers skills which in turn helps to make teaching-learning process more effective
  8. It helps to make students a good observer
  9. It helps to create interest in different groups

Types of Teaching Aids

Visual Aids
Audio Aids
Audio-Visual Aids
Charts Radio Television
Globe Gramophone k-yan
Pictures Speakers Film Clips
Maps Tape Recorder Cinema
OHP CD player I-Pods
Chalk Boards
Bulletin Boards

Advantages of Teaching Aids

  • Teaching Aids help to make an effective and conceptual learning process.
  • It is very helpful in grabbing attention of students
  • Learning process becomes interesting and motivational which helps in teaching.
  • Teaching aids helps to provide a realistic approach and experience to the students


There are certain disadvantages of Teaching Aids, which are listed as below:

  • Technical Problems while using Aids.
  • There may be distractions.
  • Teaching Aids are expensive to use.
  • Using teaching aids may be time consuming some time
  • Using these aids need more space
  • These aids may not be convenient to use for all

Benefit of Visual Aids

Every student can take benefit while using visual aids for learning. But some students with certain difficulty may be more benefited from these. Some of students who may be more benefitted are as listed below:
  • Students who having Language Disorder
  • Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Children suffering from Down Syndrome
  • Students who have Learning Disabilities
  • Students having Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Children with Personality Development Delay
  • Students having Hearing Impairment
  • Students who have symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD

Visual Aids are very much helpful for students who have some kind of difficulties or disorders.


Geography is very descriptive and all about real life and features that we see around us. Thus it is highly necessary to use effective teaching aids, especially Audio-Visual Aids, in the teaching-learning process, for better understanding and visualization of the concepts.

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