Explain Interest Tests

Q. Interest Tests

Given a choice, you prefer to do a particular activity to other. Why it is so? Because you enjoy doing that activity or it gives you satisfaction.

Each person makes a variety of decisions regarding the type of activities in which he/she will participate. Some show preference for sports other spend time in reading or painting.

It has been found that interests are related to academic success, job satisfaction. Therefore, it becomes necessary for students to know their interest.

The interest inventory is a tool, which help to identify the individuals’ liking for the activities in academics and the aspirations for the occupations. 

Uses of Interest Tests

  1. It gives idea about liking of students for activities, subjects etc. which is helpful for teacher in decision making.
  2. It motivates individual to action
  3. It provides valuable information to counselor
  4. It helps in guiding students with unrealistic expectations from self.
  5. It helps to take better decision for occupation.

Limitations of Interest Tests

  1. One cannot rely on scores on interest forever because preferences, liking may change. Intensity of interest varies.
  2. Interest inventory can be affected by the ambiguity of questions asked.
  3. Interest inventories are not very satisfactory in predicting job success, job satisfaction, personality, and adjustment and academic success.

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