B.Ed Second Year Notes English Medium

B.Ed Notes for B.Ed second year students of English medium. These notes are helpful for B.Ed and other educational courses education students- Yogiraj Notes

Explain the Concept, Meaning, characteristics and functions of management
Q. Explain the Concept, Meaning, characteristics and functions of management.

Management is the efficient utilization and handling of all available resources for achieving an objective. It is the prerequisite for the successful working, running and development of any organization.

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Concept of time management

Q. Write about the concept of Time Management. Which principles would you keep in mind while preparing an ideal time table?
Time waits for no one and it is the only resource available in the same quantity to every human being, be he king or pauper.

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Event management
Q. Event Management

Event Management is the application of management principles and practices for creation and development and organization of a festival or event. Event management helps in brand building.

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Classroom management
Q. Classroom Management

Classroom Management is the creation of a conducive classroom environment so that teachers and students work in more productive ways towards the attainment of educational objectives.

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Measures for effective classroom management
Q. What measures you will take for effective Classroom management?

C.R. leads a lot of practice and patience on the teacher’s part. If handled effectively then students will remember you lovingly for their entire life and draw inspiration from you.

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Henri Fayols Administrative Management Theory
Q. Explain Henri Fayol’s Administrative Management Theory with its principles in detail

Henri Fayol, French Pioneer, considered as founder of Classical Management School, the first to systematize managerial behavior in 1916.

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Peter Druckers Modern Management Theory
Q. Explain Peter Drucker’s Modern Management Theory with its principles in detail

In 1954, Peter Drucker introduced Management By Objectives (MBO) which is a modern approach / philosophy / idea towards Management

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Concept of Total Quality Management
Q. Concept of Quality Management (Total Quality Management) and Excellence in Education.

Achieving quality education is possible only when educational services/products meet needs and expectations, give value for time and efforts

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Concept and training of Human Resource Development
Q. Concept and training of Human Resource Development

1) Training is a process designed to improve the performance of an employee at his present job.

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Pre-service training

Q. Pre-service training
The formal training that a teacher gains before the start of her teaching career before she actually starts teaching, is called as Pre-service education or pre-service training.

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In-service training

Q. In-service training
As per Cane – “All those activities and courses which aim at enhancing and strengthening the professional knowledge, interests and skills of serving teachers.”

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Limitations or disadvantages of in-service training

Limitations/Disadvantages of in-service training
1) Lack of incentives, motivation, interest, trained staff, facilities, initiative.

2) Inappropriate curriculum and courses

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Models Courses Techniques of In-service Training

Q. Models/Courses/Techniques of In-service Training
1) Orientation course – 21 days to 1 month
2) Summer Courses
3) Summer courses – 15 days

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Explain qualities and functions of Teacher

Q. Explain qualities and functions of Teacher.
A teacher is the single-most vital factor and the backbone of any progressive scheme of national education. Dr. West Keirsey classifies the “Teacher” as a role variant of the personality type “Idealist”.

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Unit Plan
Q. Unit Plan

Definition – “A detailed plan on how a particular topic will be conducted, including pupil activities, and to meet the objectives.”.
Principles to keep in mind –
Why to teach – Objectives.
What to teach – Content…

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The principles of effective teaching
Q. The principles of effective teaching.

Being an effective teacher is much more than simply having the right materials. Effective teaching means maximizing communication and developing great presentation skills. While teaching involves innumerable skills and traits, a few basic principles can be distilled for the teacher in-training.

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Correlation of geography within the subject and with other subjects
Q. Explain the correlation of geography with history and mathematics and science with suitable examples.

Just as we use previous knowledge during the set induction of any new concept, for effective teaching-learning, similarly, geography can be taught in relation with other subjects for better understanding as it cuts a section through all the systematic sciences.

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Branches of Geography and importance of Geography
Q. Branches of Geography and importance of Geography

Importance of Geography
Geography is one of the social sciences now heading towards scientific form.
It is a subject of the earth and also a heavenly science as it combines study of earth, man, nature and the universe and their influence on each other.

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The Budget
Q. The Budget

The budget is the annual financial statement of the government. It is a government bill and is classified as a Money Bill. It is presented to the Lok Sabha upon the recommendation of the President.
The budget is a statement of the estimated receipts and expenditures of the government of India for the following financial year.

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Special procedure with respect to Money Bill
Q. Special procedure with respect to Money Bill

If any question arises whether a bill is a money bill or not, the decision of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha is final. His decision in this respect cannot be questioned in a court of law. A money bill cannot be introduced in the Rajya Sabha.

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