Concept of Total Quality Management

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Concept of Quality management and SWOT Analysis.

Q. Concept of Quality Management (Total Quality Management) and Excellence in Education

Achieving quality education is possible only when educational services/products meet needs and expectations, give value for time and efforts and lead to true all-round development of the child – physical, mental, social, moral, spiritual, etc.
For this we must follow Total Quality Management wherein the entire institution i.e. management, principal, supervisor, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, pupil, all work as a harmonious unit to achieve results.

Principles of quality management

1) Child is the center – Focus should be on the student and his needs, wants, way of life, goals, etc.

2) School is system-oriented – The school comprises of several inter-dependent factors that all work together in an integrated manner to achieve success.

3) Team Work – Cooperation and esprit de corps foster the spirit of oneness for harmonious working and better results.

4) Cooperative Management – The management must understand and empathize with issues faced by personnel at all levels. This creates a sense of belonging amongst the work force.

5) Human Resources Development – Constant training and extension services are needed to keep the staff up to date and proficient.

6) Future Planning – Think in terms of goal and objectives both long-term and short-term.

7) Leadership The leader is the captain of the ship. He gives proper direction and holds all the threads together.

Process/Steps (Mentions only if you have time available)

1) Develop Customer Focus (students)

2) Identify Customers

3) Identify Needs

4) Plan process

5) Implement process

6) Evaluate Results

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