Problems of Guidance

Q. Problems of Guidance (in school and in general)

Implementation of Guidance and making it an integral part of education is a herculean task in the Indian scenario due to these reasons –

  • Feeling of purposelessness in guidance – People are not fully aware of the merits or they have a misconception or negative attitude towards guidance. Many administrators also question the validity of guidance when there is large scale unemployment not only among illiterates but also among the educated.
  • Parental pressure and peer pressure – In our country occupations are chosen more out of parental and peer choice rather than on the basis of the individual’s own capabilities.
  • Tremendous increase in the number of students – The spate in the population cannot be matched by the inadequate number of guidance cells and staff.
  • Lack of infrastructure – A guidance cell is a separate and independent unit altogether. But schools are unwilling to invest in a proper cell, qualified staff and required equipment.
  • Lack of funds – The guidance activity is not considered while preparing the annual budget. It is met with an “if and when” attitude.
  • Lack of trained experts and literature – The proportion of properly qualified guidance experts is minimal. Plus there is a dearth and scarcity of good and latest literature.
  • Attitude of Principal and Teachers – Many a time, Teachers feel that having a guidance cell puts a question mark on their own abilities. Plus they feel the guide is interfering and think it is a headache to provide the guide with all the information he requests.
  • Lack of publicity about the utility of Guidance Services – The public, in general, is not familiar with this concept or with agencies giving guidance service. They do not even know how guidance programs can be useful to them.

Thus the Government and voluntary agencies should join hands to make guidance popular and effective.

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