Branches of Geography and importance of Geography

Importance of Geography

  • Geography is one of the social sciences now heading towards scientific form.
  • It is a subject of the earth and also a heavenly science as it combines study of earth, man, nature and the universe and their influence on each other. Thus it a “complete” subject governing all forms of existence.
  • It is an integrated science as it cuts across all the systematic sciences.
  • Geography has practical importance because it is knowledge of our natural resources.
  • It has importance in administration and politics.
  • It has economical importance as it is study of natural resources.
  • Social importance
  • Cultural importance
  • Prediction of Natural calamities
  • Patriotism
  • Intellectual importance
  • Earning one’s livelihood.
  • Tolerance and balanced outlook.
  • Man is naturally curious and geography satisfies that curiosity.
  • In today’s age of globalization, geography is a unifying factor for the diverse regions of the world to come together for international understanding and peace.

Branches of geography

  • Physical geography
    1. Geomorphology
    2. Climatology
    3. Oceanography
  • Economic geography
  • Historical geography
  • Population geography
  • Settlement geography
  • Urban geography
  • Political geography
  • Human geography
  • Marketing geography
  • Industrial geography
  • Agricultural geography
  • Biogeography (plant and animal geography)
  • Medical geography
  • Military geography
  • Geography of Resources or Geography of Planning
  • Geography of Mineral Production
  • Geography of Transportation
  • Geography or Recreation and Tourism
  • Interpretation of Air Photographs
  • Geographical Cartography

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