Classroom management

B.Ed Second Year Notes English Medium

Q. Classroom Management

Classroom Management is the creation of a conducive classroom environment so that teachers and students work in more productive ways towards the attainment of educational objectives.

The success or failure of Classroom Instruction and Strategies is largely dependent on Classroom management. A well managed class motivates the learners and provides an atmosphere of positive growth. Promoting student learning is the primary goal of effective Classroom Management.


1) Principle of Clarity and Mastery over content.

2) Principle of Involvement

3) Principle of Democratic Behaviour

4) Principle of Teacher Behaviour

5) Principle of Self-control

6) Principle of Flexibility

7) Principle of Personal attributes of teacher

FACTORS INFLUENCING/AFFECTING C.R. (Write same answer for problems of C.R.)

1) School environment

2) Resources available

3) Classroom environment such as size of the class, furniture, seating arrangement, fixtures, proper light and air (natural and artificial, ventilation, facilities like table, chair for teacher, chalks, chalkboard, etc.

4) Methods of teaching adopted

5) Individual differences of students

6) Teacher-student ratio

7) Personality of teacher

8) Teacher’s rapport with students

9) Indiscipline

10) Family background and socio-economic status of students.

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