Counselling for children with special needs

Counselling for children with special needs.

(Only gifted students are considered here)

Meaning of Special Needs

  • Having superior or extraordinary ability
  • Intellectually gifted or exceptional
  • Those who show creativity and are talented in writing, literature, music, graphic arts, mechanical skills, performing arts, social leaders, sports, etc.

A gifted child may become a problem for parents, neighbors, friends, teachers, society, etc. if he/she is not handled properly.

Causes/problems arise when

  • They revolt against the parents and teachers when they do not recognize. Their talent.
  • Because of lack of opportunity and lack of recognition, he or she develops inferiority complex or becomes whimsical and may even develop criminal tendencies.
  • When he or she is not properly guided, they utilize their superior intelligence in mischief, indiscipline, or gang-formation.

Role of teacher/ Role of counsellor/ Role of guide with respect to specially gifted children

  • To formulate programme for enrichment of the talented children.
  • To suggest modification in the curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Methods of educating gifted children

  • Double promotion
  • Prepare a homogenous group
  • Enrichment of the curricula.
  • Using methodologies like Dramatics, Camps, Sports, Projects, etc.

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