Explain eclectic counselling

Eclectic counselling

Characteristics of Eclectic Counselling

  • It is a combination of Directive and Non directive counselling.
  • The counsellor can start with Directive but if and when the situation demands the counsellor may switch over to non-directive counselling and vice-versa.
  • It is flexible in nature.

Steps in eclectic counselling

  • Diagnosis of the cause
  • Analysis of the problem
  • Preparation of a tentative plan for modifying factors related to the problem.
  • Securing effective conditions for counselling.
  • Interview and stimulating the client to develop his own resources and to assume his responsibilities for trying new modes of adjustments.
  • Proper handling of any related problems which may contribute to adjustment.

Process in eclectic counselling

  • Client comes to the counsellor
  • Interview of counselee by counsellor.
  • During interview, the counsellor uses both techniques directive and non-directive.
  • Counsellor proceeds in such a way that counselee becomes wiser to deal with all problems in the present and future also.

Merits of eclectic counselling

  • Freedom of choice and expression is open to both counsellor as well as client.
  • Both of them adjust to serve the purpose of relationship.
  • Both of them have confidence and faith in the relationship.
  • There is flexibility – no hard and fast rule.

Limitations of eclectic counselling

  • According to most thinkers, eclecticism is not possible.
  • It is a very idealistic method to apply.
  • Directive and non-directive cannot be merged together.
  • It is very vague, superficial and opposite.

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