Group Guidance and counselling

Q. Group guidance and counselling

Many experiences take place in group settings. Group Guidance is a relationship in which the guidance worker attempts to assist a number of students to attain for themselves satisfactory development or adjustment to their collective or individual life situations.

Guidance in groups is best suited for discussing educational and vocational plans and personality adjustment problems.

Techniques of group guidance

  • Informal discussion – Such discussions done with the help of able and skillful leaders should center around desirable objectives and should result in conclusions that may be helpful to the group as a whole.
  • Group ReportsStudents are divided into groups to tackle specific issues and then their reports are presented in larger groups to make them aware of a number of problems and solutions.
  • Lectures – Lectures delivered by experts can impart group guidance in an effective way.
  • Dramatics – Certain topics such as how to appear for an interview or prepare for an exam or prepare notes, etc. can be dramatized and students can be given guidance in an interesting way.
  • Question Box – According to Jones, the Question Box technique can help a shy and retiring pupil and similar such students with the same problems, to pose a question in a silent or private or anonymous way. Such questions could be discussed in a group and valuable guidance provided to the students. Eg. Agony aunt columns.

 Types of group guidance

  • Regular subject classes
  • Special groups for special topics
  • Conference – e.g. Career or educational seminars
  • Clubs or groups centered on some common interest.
  • Students with common adjustment problems

Merits/Benefits of group guidance

  • It is economical and efficient.
  • It aids the normal students
  • It helps towards establishing greater contacts with students.
  • It offers students the opportunity to discuss common problems.
  • It helps improve students’ attitudes and behavior.
  • It focuses collective judgement on problems that are common to the group.
  • It provides an admirable good opportunity to the guidance workers to observe each student.
  • It helps in the development of wholesome and helpful awareness of unrecognized needs and problems of the students.

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