Limitations of Team Teaching

Limitations of Team-Teaching


  1. When the different teachers work-together, it becomes difficult to eliminate diversification in their views.
  2. Unification in their ideas becomes very difficult, such as some teachers want to make the curriculum more comprehensive, while others want to delimit it. It becomes very difficult to deal with such conflicting situation.
  3. Being a new concept, team-teaching lacks research work. It is being used on the basis of trial and error method.
  4. No specific type of guidance can be imparted in team-teaching because during team-teaching school staff cannot functions like a football team.
  5. The basis of the team-teaching is cooperation. But sometimes teachers hesitate to co-operate other teachers. Hence, in team-teaching, cooperation from all the teachers cannot be expected.
  6. More rooms and furniture are required in team- teaching in comparison to the traditional teaching. The rooms should be spacious too.
  7. It is costlier than the traditional teaching. Per head, its cost is more than the traditional teaching.
  8. In the absence of proper adjustment of schedules this type of teaching is not possible.
  9. It is an expensive approach.
  10. Sometimes it leads to personality conflicts amongst teachers.
  11. Special trained teachers are generally not available in some institution.

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