Meaning and advantages of Year-Plan / Annual-Plan

Q. Meaning and advantages of Year-Plan / Annual plan.

“The key to successful teaching is planning.”

A Year Plan is an annual planning of the syllabus of a subject, wherein the syllabus to be covered is tentatively distributed into certain number of units along with the total number of hours earmarked for each unit based on the percentage or importance given to that unit.

A Year Plan becomes more objective and reliable when all the teachers of that subject sit together and construct it.

However one must note that it is not always possible to follow the Year Plan rigidly to the “T” due to the presence of a number of other activities and subjects in the school. Hence it should have room for flexibility.

Advantages / Importance of Year-Plan

  • The year Plan acts as a guideline for the entire academic year.
  • The Teacher will have a clear-cut picture of the distribution of syllabus into various units.
  • He will know the time in terms of instruction hours, given to each of the units.
  • He will be able to foresee and plan how he must distribute emphasis between Cognitive, Affective and PsychoMotor domains for different units.
  • The Year Plan serves as the base or foundation for the next piece of planning i.e. the Unit Plan.

Thus all teachers should gain experience in the construction of a Year Plan.

Preparing Year Plan –

Year Plan –> Subjectwise –> Monthwise –> Unitwise -> Period-wise –> Other co-curricular activities (programs, projects, field trips, competitions).

  • Consider holidays.
  • Consider school programs like Independence day, annual day, etc.
  • Consider examinations.
  • Two heads are better than one. All teachers of the subject should plan and prepare it together for more objectivity.
  • Concentrate on topics sub-topics, points, sub-points.
  • Should be flexible
Subject – Geography STD VI
Month Units Periods for teaching Other activities Total periods

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