Concept Attainment Model

What is Concept Attainment Model ?

Concept attainment model is a model where the teacher helps the students to attain a particular concept, its characteristics and attributes of that concept.

Steps in concept attainment model of teaching

Many times in daily life, concepts are explained/formed by observation but abstract concepts are not formed clearly by observation. For attainment of abstract concepts we need special training and this model can be explained in three steps as .

(a) Presentation of data.

(i) To give positive and negative examples to students.

(i) To ask students to compare these examples.

(iii) To define according to imagination of students.

(b) Test of attainment of concept

(i) Students identify the + ve and – ve examples.

(ii) Students tell definition and can give name.

(iii) Students give other +ve and -ve examples.

(c) Analysis of Thinking Process

(i) Students give information about how to think.

(ii) Students discuss about the Characteristics.

Educational implication

This is a student centered technique. It gives training about how to attain concept and proper attainment of concept. Hence, it helps to develop thinking power.

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