Unit Plan

Q. Unit Plan

Definition – “A detailed plan on how a particular topic will be conducted, including pupil activities, and to meet the objectives.”.

Principles to keep in mind –

  1. Why to teach – Objectives.
  2. What to teach – Content.
  3. How to teach – Method.
  4. Did they learn and how much they learnt – Evaluation.

Steps of Unit-Plan

  • Selection of Objectives – Determine general purpose or goal of the unit.
  • Content analysis – Pedagogical analysis of which topic will best bring about the planned objective.
  • Learning Experiences – Teacher-pupil activities and methods of teaching.
  • Evaluation or evidence for Achievement – Determine if the objectives were attained and to what extent mastery was achieved.

Merits of Unit-Plan

  • To enable the teachers to work continuously and effectively throughout the academic year for all the units.
  • Teaching learning process becomes more effective.
  • Give proper learning experiences in an integrated manner to the students.
  • Fulfill certain objectives of that level.

Essential Features of Unit-Plan

  1. References: .

At the end of the plan, proper references should be given because the student cannot be directed to further study related to the proper unit.

  1. The Evaluation: .

The evaluation will be objective based.

  1. The Teaching Sequence: .

It indicates the sequence of the teaching activities and the time relationship of the development of ideas.

  1. Methods and Procedures: .

Methods and Procedures are the vehicles for child’s experiences. If the king and quality of child’s experiences are carefully studied and planned in a systematic way in advance the results will probably be for better so the teacher should select and employ method and procedures very carefully.

  1. The Material Needed: .

It is essential feature of unit planning. The material needed includes the reading materials laboratory apparatus, films slides, chemicals and other related material.

  1. The content of the Unit: .

It should indicate clearly that what content is to be included in the unit? .

  1. Objectives of the Unit: .

A clear cut statement of the objective of a unit- plan should be formulated at the outset. The statement should be recorded as an essential part of his plan; it will give direction to the choice of experiences proposed later on.

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