Explain qualities and functions of Teacher

Role and Qualities of Human Resource

Qualities and functions of Teacher


A teacher is the single-most vital factor and the backbone of any progressive scheme of national education. Dr. West Keirsey classifies the “Teacher” as a role variant of the personality type “Idealist”.

Qualities of a good Teacher

1) The most important qualities a good teacher should have is, he should be a well-rounded chiseled X-factor personality replete with a calm, pleasant, friendly, optimistic, enthusiastic, sincere and sympathetic demeanour.

2) Contrary to the popular belief that teaching is an stress-free profession, it can actually be highly strenuous and demanding. Thus a sound mind in a sound body is required.

3) A teacher is constantly in the public eye. He is being watched and emulated by students. Hence he must always be frank, sincere and honest in his dealing with fairness of mind and integrity of character.

4) A dull and listless teacher brings boredom into the classroom whereas a lively teacher can foster interest amongst his students.

5) Similarly, the voice should modulate in pitch, loudness and speed as a distinct and clear voice with correct pronunciation brings in clarity of explanation.

6) He should be a master at explaining concepts comfortably and should employ the right teaching aids and methods.

Essential functions of a Teacher

1) He should, effectively and well in advance, plan the distribution of units of the syllabus and other activities and programs and ensure their timely completion.

2) He should observe, guide and motivate students as per their needs and potential to bring out the best in them.

3) The teacher must maintain and keep all required records up-to-date with all sorts of needed information about his wards.

4) With proper tools and techniques, he must constantly evaluate the achievements of his students and diagnose any shortcomings.

5) He should keep the parents well-informed and involved in the progress of their child.

6) He should be courteous and respectful towards all other staff and administrative members.

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