Models Courses Techniques of In-service Training

B.Ed Second Year Notes English Medium

Q. Models / Courses / Techniques of In-service Training

(Total 18 models, few are –)

1) Orientation course – 21 days to 1 month

2) Summer Courses

3) Summer courses – 15 days

4) Sandwich courses – 15 days

5) Refresher courses – 21 day to 1 month (after every 5 years in one institution. But the first Orientation curse is compulsory to complete before doing refresher. Only for granted colleges.)

6) Evening courses

7) Seminars and Symposiums

8) Educational conferences

9) Intensive courses

10) Short-term courses – Eg. Language courses, or for change in methodologies

11) Publications – For updating with changes and findings of new research.

12) Indirect training – Training through TV progammes like UGC, Gyandarshan

13) All the teachers who have done only preliminary courses like TTC, Montessori, etc and want to go in for higher teaching can go for the regular pre-service courses like B.Ed

14) Exchange of experts.

15) Professional writing

16) Experimenting

17) Science Clubs, etc.

18) Training at centre level by national institutes such as NCERT, NCTE

19) Training at state level by institutes such as SSC and HSC boards, SCERT, SIET, DIET, Vocational Guidance institutes, etc.

Q. Objectives of 4 year B.A. B.Ed. integrated course.

1) To acquire competencies and skills needed for teaching.

2) To act as agents of modernization and social change.

3) To promote capabilities for inculcating national values and goals as mentioned in the constitution of India.

4) To promote social cohesion, international understanding and protection of human rights.

5) To be sensitive about emerging issues such as environment, population, gender equality, legal, literacy, etc.

6) To inculcate rational thinking and scientific temper among the students.

7) To develop critical awareness about the social realities among the students.

8) To use managerial and organizational skills.

9) To become competent and committed teachers.

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Limitations or disadvantages of in-service training

Limitations/Disadvantages of in-service training
1) Lack of incentives, motivation, interest, trained staff, facilities, initiative.

2) Inappropriate curriculum and courses

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In-service training

Q. In-service training
As per Cane – “All those activities and courses which aim at enhancing and strengthening the professional knowledge, interests and skills of serving teachers.”

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Explain qualities and functions of Teacher
Explain qualities and functions of Teacher

A teacher is the single-most vital factor and the backbone of any progressive scheme of national education. Dr. West Keirsey classifies the “Teacher” as a role variant of the personality type “Idealist”.

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Explain qualities and functions of headmaster

The school is as great as the headmaster under whom it may flourish or perish.
1) Sound educational philosophy of life and values.
2) An educational visionary with sound judgement and foresight.

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