Explain qualities and functions of Assistant Headmaster Supervisor

B.Ed Second Year Notes English Medium

Q. Explain the qualities and functions of Asst. HM/ Supervisor

The supervisor is a link or a Liaison Officer between the principal and the teaching staff.

1) A supervisor should always set an example with his punctuality and smooth running of all affairs.
2) He should be an initiator and innovator and similarly motivate and encourage his teachers and staff.
3) He should be able to effectively and diplomatically put the needs, demands and apprehensions of the teachers before the principal and management along with viable suggestions as he is in close contact with both factions and can see both sides of the coin.
4) He should have a constructive attitude, be a learner for life and show eager interest in implementing new trends and techniques to improve the instructional system.


Administrative functions –
1) He has to circulate notices with various information on activities, exam dates, holidays, etc.
2) He must see to the attendance records of the staff and students.
3) He must supervise the admission process, printing and preparation of the time-table and duty list for teachers.
4) See to other stock records, if stationary, laboratory equipment, etc. is adequate.

Academic functions –
1) Refer textbooks and prepare notes that can be helpful to teachers and students.
2) Must teach a subject
3) Moderate the exam papers prepared by the teachers.
4) Supervise working of teachers and improvise the instructional system.

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