Qualities of a good text book

Qualities of a good text book.

The text book should fulfill the two major considerations:-  Evaluation of std IX Text-book

A:         Academic:-

  • Index: text book includes index of 13 lessons in a systematic manner.
  • Syllabus/subject matter: subject matter is according to psychological needs and requirement on the child. It is related to pupils environment. It had practical utility as well as informative. The text book of std IX is intended to encourage the learner to take responsibility for his/her own learning with minimum help from system.
  • Objectives: the text book fulfills the objectives of secondary school level.
  • Language: the text book of std IX contains scientific easy language. It is easy to understand the pupil.
  • Correlation: in std IX text book, there is correlation of subject matter with other subject. Chapter no. 13 human body and history development of human being).
  • Illustration: all concepts, facts, principles are illustrated with proper example, pictures, figures.
  • Heading: the font size is according to typing of subject matter. Heading are bold and colored
  • Exercise: exercise contains the questions based on Bloom theory. It includes questions based on bloom theory. It includes questions on cognitive domain, affective domain, psychomotor domain are various activities included. Classroom teaching is reinforced with a lot of practice and purposeful testing.

B:         Technical:

  • Cover page: cover page is yellow in color with heading science and technology, std IX part – II. On cover page there are figures of Animal cell, plant cell, and heart, picture of fish, snail, cycas plant, and molecular structure of ethane all this are related with content.
  • Paper quality: for the text book, science and technology std. IX part-II 60 G.S.M cream white printing paper is used.
  • Printing: the book is printed by premier power press, xyz, five star xyz Town. The important words are printed in bold types.
  • Size: the size of the text book is general in size. The size of the book is apt. it is convenient for a student for a student to carry the textbook in his school bag.
  • Price: the price of std, IX science and technology part-II make the student versatile in thinking. The text book has a number of figures and some of them are colored. Ample amount of time can be devoted to group work or pair work among students.

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Characteristics of a Good Textbook

External Expects of a Good Textbook:-
Cover page, Back cover page, Paper, Letter size, Book size, Price
Internal Aspects of a Good Textbook:-

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