Concept and training of Human Resource Development

B.Ed Second Year Notes English Medium

Unit: II Managerial Practices: Human and Infrastructural Resources

Q. Concept and training of Human Resource Development


1) Training is a process designed to improve the performance of an employee at his present job.
2) It imparts specific skills, abilities, and know-how to enhance his performance and make him up-to-date with current trends.
3) The employee thus becomes efficient and is motivated that he can do better at his tasks.
4) This raises the quality of the institution too.


On the other hand –

1) Development is a wider concept that along with skills, also lays emphasis on overall general knowledge, inculcation of better attitudes, aptitudes and habits, change in thinking process, broadening of outlook etc.
2) It helps employees throughout their life in future positions too.
3) It improves the quality of life – professional and personal too.

Role/Benefits of training and development in School

1) Enhances teaching skills and makes teachers aware about new trends, techniques, methodologies, models of teaching.
2) Brushes up on old skills which may not be very frequently used.
3) Leads to improvement of instruction.
4) Develops better decision making and problem solving skills
5) Interpersonal relationship between management and staff improves and fosters feelings of openness, genuineness and harmony.
6) Motivates the personnel to do excel at their job.
7) Profitability and quality standard of the institution and its taskforce is raised.
8) Better organization and guidelines can be worked upon and setting of higher objectives is possible.

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