Remedial teaching

What is remedial teaching

Remedial teaching means providing instructional correctives. It is a process of removing the pupils’ learning distortions or subject matter difficulties that have crept into the understanding and concept and use of that subject while learning.

It is the next natural step carried out after diagnostic testing.

Students requiring remedial teaching are not stupid or dumb. Even gifted learners may require the same. It is done more to help students realize their maximum potential and capability.

It is important to never criticize or insult any of such students.

There is no set pattern or formula for remediation. In some cases it might require simple re-teaching and in other cases more extensive efforts such as motivation and correction of emotional insecurities may require.

Need / Utility / Merits / Importance of Remedial teaching

  • To reduce levels of wastage and stagnation. Provides re-enforcement of learning especially for those areas which are used little or which are forgotten by the students or which were learned in a faulty manner earlier.
  • Provides necessary and correct foundation to rectify past mistakes and improve future learning.
  • Rectifies concepts that have been confused or misunderstood.
  • Fills in the gaps that have crept into the students’ learning.
  • Hastens the process of learning the subject.
  • Underachievers are promoted to update their learning.
  • Gifted students are promoted to expand their learning.
  • Creates confidence in the students.
  • Inculcate regular and better study habits.
  • To help students realize their full potential.

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