Role of School in Guidance

Role of School In Guidance.

1)         Overall role is to provide a guidance cell where minimum guidance services should be available such as data collection, occupational information and counseling center.

2)         Appointment of trained guidance personnel or staff to the ratio 1:20.

3)         Establish cooperation and positive association between school staff and guidance staff and curb any negative approach.

4)         Provide physical facilities and infrastructure such as a separate cell, adequate psychology equipment and tools and financial support.

5)         Seminars, workshops, and orientation courses to make teachers aware of nature of guidance and to enable them to assist and evaluate pupil’s needs and problems and the ways to meet them.

6)         Set aside sufficient time for guidance and counseling at hours outside of school hours.

7)         The service of guidance should not be mixed or confused with administrative service.

8)         Make parents and guardians understand the need and positive utility of guidance.

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