Causes or reasons for guidance

Causes or reasons for guidance

Complex/Changing nature of society – Today the entire structure and nature of society is undergoing changes from all angles – socially, culturally, scientifically, economically, politically, etc. due to rapid Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation. More and more individuals feel the need for guidance as newer problems are cropping up and it becomes difficult to achieve satisfactory results. Eg. Economic change, recessions leading to unemployment, mental stress and tensions, negative inflation, economic disparity, poor becoming poorer and rich becoming richer. 2005-2008 food prices have gone up five-fold. Political change – lack of ideal leaders, corruption, malpractices, etc.

Individual Differences – Each individual differs in physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, personality traits, interests, likings, abilities, achievements, aspirations, etc. Requirements of various occupations also differ. Eg. Engineering versus Medical, Agriculture versus Architecture, etc.

Change in educational and industrial pattern of the country – Previously agriculture based. Now more industry and service-based sectors arising due to LPG.

Conservation of human energy – To make the proper use of vast natural resources and the large population, only guidance services are useful.

Lack of guidance at home – Nuclear families, lack of time. The present home does not provide the necessary moral and social training so school guidance is strongly needed.

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