Meaning of Guidance, explain concept , characteristics and nature of guidance

“A candle can walk ‘with’ us and show us the way; it cannot walk ‘for’ us.”

Concept or Meaning of Guidance

Guidance is some form of help or assistance given by an expert person to an individual to develop his or her personality and achieve proper direction in life. 

According to Crow & Crow, guidance is not direction. Guidance is not the imposition of one’s point of view upon the other.

Guidance is making decisions for an individual, which he/she should make for himself. It is not the burden of another’s life.

Guidance is assistance made available by competent persons to an individual of an age, to help him direct his own life, develop his own point of view, make his own decisions and carry his own burden.

An expert guide can greatly help in providing relevant assistance to a child which he may not receive from any other sources.

Characteristics / Nature of Guidance

  1. Assistance – Guidance is personal assistance to anyone of any age.
  2. Expert Service – Everyone cannot provide guidance. It is the work of a competent and expert person.
  3. Guidance is a process – It helps every individual to help himself, to recognise and use his inner resources to set goal, to make plans, to work out his own problems of development.
  4. Guidance is a continuous process – It is needed from early childhood, adolescence, adulthood and even in old age. In simple words, guidance is needed from birth to death.
  5. Focus on individual – Guidance focuses on the individual and not on the problem.
  6. Discovery of abilities – Guidance leads to the discovery of abilities and potential of an individual.
  7. Self-direction – Guidance leads to self-development and self direction.
  8. Process of adjustment – Guidance is a process of helping a person in adjusting to himself, to others and to his environment.
  9. Preparation for future life – Guidance aims to prepare an individual for future life. It helps him to acquire the essential abilities and capacities. It is not to decide something for him but to make him wiser to decide for himself.

Definitions of Guidance

Crow & Crow – “The fundamental of all guidance is the help or assistance given by one competent person to another individual so that the latter may direct his life by developing his point of view, make his own decisions and carry out those decisions.”

Good, – “Guidance is a process of dynamic inter-personal relationship designed to influence the attitudes and subsequent behavior of a person.”

J. M. Brewer, – “Guidance is a process by which an individual is able to guide himself.”

Jones, – “Guidance involves personal help given by someone. It is designed to assist a person to decide where he wants to go or how he can best accomplish his purposes; it assists him to solve problems that arise in his life.”

Smith – “The guidance process consists of a group of services to an individual to assist him in securing the knowledge and skills needed in making adequate choices, plans and interpretations essential to satisfactory adjustment in a variety of areas.”

Wahlquist & Stoops – “Guidance is a continuous process of helping the individual develop to the maximum of his capacity in the direction most beneficial to himself and the society.”

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