Difference between guidance and counselling

Main differences between guidance and counselling

Guidance meaning

1. Guidance is a wider concept which includes various types of services

2. Guidance is related to all students

3. Guidance is a continuous process

4. Guidance is a long-term process

5. In the guidance process, the guide is indirectly related with the student

6. Guidance is related to the all-round development of a child

Counselling meaning

1. Counselling is one part of Guidance

2. Counselling is concerned with client or a counselee or an individual

3. Counselling stops after solving the particular problem

4. Counselling is a short-term process

5. In Counselling, face-to-face discussion between the counselor and the counselee. Counselling can even be given through correspondence and telephonic conversation also.

6. Counselling is concerned with only specific problem, especially with mental health

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