Personal guidance

Q. Personal Guidance

According to Jones, everyone needs guidance at some time in his life. Some need it constantly while others require it only at rare times of great crisis. It is some form of help or assistance given by an expert person to an individual to develop his or her personality and achieve proper direction in life.

Personal guidance is that guidance which is given on a personal level to solve personal problems. It is the assistance offered to a person to solve his/her social, emotional, moral, health and adjustment problems.

As per Hopkins – “Personal guidance is that guidance which is concerned with the problems of health, emotional adjustment and social adjustment of an individual.”

As per Ruth Strang – Personal guidance is the assistance given to an individual to solve his personal problems such as emotional and social adjustment, economic and social relationships and problems connected with his physical as well as mental health.”

As per Wilson – “The purpose of personal guidance is to help the individual in his physical, emotional, social, moral and spiritual development and adjustment.”

Each individual differs in physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, personality traits, interests, likings, abilities, achievements, aspirations, etc. Requirements of various occupations also differ. Eg. Engineering versus Medical, Agriculture versus Architecture, etc.

Personal guidance is useful for better self-understanding where a person learns to accept his shortcomings, overcome his complexes, realize his potentials and love himself for who he is.

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Procedure of guidance
Q. Procedure of guidance

1) Contacting the Student Personality – For study of the pupil’s emotional, social, physical, intellectual and individual problems.
2) Conducting Interview – To speak personally to the subject and get all first-hand information on family background, his vocational and educational plans, likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, leisure time activities, etc.

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Principles of Guidance
Q. Principles of Guidance

1) Guidance is a means for all
2) Guidance is a specialized service
3) Guidance is an organized service
4) Guidance is a slow process

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Educational Guidance
Q. Educational Guidance

Educational guidance is mainly concerned or related with such problems of education that are faced by students.
As per Arthur J. Jones – “Educational guidance is concerned with assistance given to pupils in their choices and adjustments with relation to schools, curriculum, courses and school life.”

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Vocational Guidance
Q. Vocational Guidance

Vocational Guidance is a long continuous process which begins in the school and is needed throughout the working life of the individual.
Vocational Guidance is an assistance to a person, regarding some vocation.

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