Individual and social need for guidance

Need for Guidance

According to Jones, everyone needs assistance at some time in his life. Some need it constantly throughout their entire life, while others need it only at rare times of crisis.

The need for guidance is broadly seen in the following two arenas of life –

Individual Need for guidance–

  1. Academic Growth – Guidance moulds children into the adults they grow up to become. All educational institutes provide education which is nothing but a form of guidance.
  2. Development of abilities and skills – Every child has some hidden talent and potentials that can be drawn out and developed through guidance.
  3. Removal of subject matter difficulties – A person may have certain disabilities, difficulties or phobias. Guidance is needed to bring him out of these fears so that he may lead a life of normalcy and progress.
  4. For Self-understanding – Guidance helps a person to accept his shortcomings, overcome his complexes, realise his potentials and love himself for who he is.

Social need for guidance–

  1. Better family life – Guidance shows how to adjust and compromise and live as a happy family for the betterment of all members.
  2. Good Citizenship and Loyalty –We must learn about our duties and civic responsibilities so that we do not take freedom for granted.
  3. Understanding of social values – Man is a social animal. Guidance will help him how to adjust socially to the norms of society and will make him aware of his social accountabilities.

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