7-Point Plan in Guidance

Q. 7-Point Plan In Guidance

The student/individual is the main centre of guidance. To know him well we need some formula or plan so that we can render the right guidance to him.

7 Point Plan –

1)         Physical makeup data – Collection of physical data such as height, weight, eyesight, color of skin, etc. and health data regarding physical structure.

2)         Educational attainments and other achievements – Year wise, class wise, subject wise and activity wise information in a proper sequence and compiled properly.

3)         Mental ability / General Intelligence – Without this test guidance is not possible. This aspect is collected with help of IQ/psychological tests.

4)         Attitude – The guide must know all about the attitudes of students or pupils through standardized tests.

5)         Interest – It is a very important factor and gives crucial information about the individual. Interest Inventories are used..

6)         Disposition – It is important to know about the nature, personal behavior and adjustment tendencies of the child and his relations with family, friends, and society at large. Adjustment tests can be used. Records must be kept confidential.

7)         Circumstances & Environment – Family and social environment. Records of parents’ and siblings details, qualifications, religion, socio-economic status, mother tongue, family circumstances, occupations, etc. are obtained.

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