Remedies for overcrowded classes

B.Ed Second Year Notes English Medium

Q. Remedies for overcrowded classes

1) Have more divisions with more staff appointed.
2) There should be a fixed Teacher-Student ratio.
3) Institutions to abide by the rule that every child should be provided with 1sqm of space.
4) Use different innovative and interactive ways of teaching.
5) Encourage maximum participation and involvement.
6) Form small groups and implement cooperative learning.
7) Also conduct co-curricular activities, art, craft, music, dance, drama, debate in batches. This will develop social skills and spirit of competition.
8) Give students engrossing projects and activities to keep them busy.

9) Set objective type questions to reduce workload and for faster corrections. Objective type questions also increase validity and reliability of tests as compared to essay type tests.

10) Use monitorial method for checking of answers.
11) Self-discipline methods should be taught to the students.
12) Have point system for the groups to keep discipline in check and select best group.
13) Group students as per their abilities keeping in mind individual differences.
14) Ensure adequate lighting, ventilation, seating arrangement.
15) Grant sick leave to sick students to avoid spreading of infections.
16) Regular inspection should be carried out and government policies/norms should be strictly followed

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Problems of overcrowded classes

Q. Problems of overcrowded classes
Problems of overcrowded classes –
1. Class Related –
a. Classroom management becomes difficult.
b. Class becomes noisy/indisciplined.

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Remedial measures for Wastage and Stagnation

1) We should try to remove the heterogeneity in society where the rich become richer and the poor, poorer.
2) Sufficient financial aid should be provided for adequate infrastructure such as school building,

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Problems of Discipline
Q. Problems of Discipline

Indiscipline can be broadly stated as a loss of idealism in the society .
With no proper leadership or direction shown by teachers and with flaws and drawbacks in the prevalent education system

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Maintaining discipline in an overcrowded class

Q. Which strategy will you use to maintain discipline in an overcrowded class?
Discipline is a product of good teaching. A fine teacher maintains a friendly climate in the class and generates enthusiasm amongst his pupils. I would

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