Problems of overcrowded classes

B.Ed Second Year Notes English Medium

Q. Problems of overcrowded classes

Problems of overcrowded classes –
1. Class Related –

a. Classroom management becomes difficult.
b. Class becomes noisy/indisciplined.
c. Health problems and wider spread of infections.
d. Improper division of facilities as demand more than supply.

2. Teacher –
a. Teacher is overloaded, distraught, fatigued, disinterested.
b. Teacher concentrates on finishing the syllabus rather than making improvements.
c. She finds it difficult and time-consuming to prepare exam papers, distributions, conducting exams and corrections.

3. Students –

a. 3 to 4 students on one bench leads to discomfort and bad backs, poor handwriting, irritability, fights for space, etc.
b. All students are not given chance to answer. So some may develop inferiority complex or may simply stop interacting.
c. Tests, exams may not be administered to all students.

4. Teacher-Student relationships –
a. Proper guidance cannot be meted out due to large numbers and less time.
b. Teacher cannot give individual attention to every student.
c. No proper rapport between Teacher and students so hampers quality of education.
d. Being hard-pressed for time, Teacher does not correct homework and students do not complete it and lag behind.
e. Individual differences are not taken care of and Special Education Needs cannot be handled.

5. Parents –
a. Proper feedback of evaluation cannot be provided to parents.
b. Enough time cannot be given to the parents during Report days or PTA meetings.

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