What is the Teachers Advantage in Knowing Individual Differences

What is the Teacher’s Advantage in Knowing Individual Differences

The objective of modern education is the complete development of the child. In this connection, the teacher has the following advantage to derive from knowledge of individual differences:

1. This can help him to form the proper attitude towards the brilliant and the dull-witted students. It is only too evident that very good results cannot be expected from dull-witted or mediocre students.

2. Any effort to bring all or a majority of the students in the class to the same level is futile since some 50 or odd percentage of them will in variably remain below this level.

3. Improvements in atmosphere, method of teaching, and the apparatus of education cannot lead to the satisfactory teaching of all students since their individual ability to learn differs widely.

4. Knowing the presence of individual differences the teacher is not perturbed at the failure of some of his students since such failure is only to be expected from below-average students.

5. The teacher does not come to expect successes that are impossible. Individual difference makes it clear that all aspects of the personality are mutually related and to develop any one aspect it is essential that all the aspects be developed.

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What are the Different Types of Individual Differences

1. Average Intelligence:
Individuals are seen differing in considerable measure in respect of their general intelligence.
It is not possible to send to schools children with an intelligence quotient of below 50.

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Meaning of individual differences

In education, even since the most ancient times, students have been differentiated on the basis of age as difference in age levels entitles the children to differing levels of education.
As the child’s age gradually increases, the subjects of his education can be made more complex and difficult.

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What is Inclusive Education

Inclusive education is concerned with removing all barriers to learning, and with participation of all learners vulnerable to exclusion and marginalization. It is a strategic approach designed to facilitate learning success for all children.

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Characteristics of Visually impaired challenged student
Characteristics of Visually impaired challenged student

Characteristics of Visually impaired or visually challenged student are varied according to different degrees of visual loss, different types of visual loss and different causes of visual impairment. However, they may exhibit the following behaviors:

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