Diagnostic Testing

Explain Diagnostic Testing

Diagnosis means identification of disease with the help of the patient’s symptoms.

In teaching-learning, diagnostic tests are those which provide a detailed picture of weaknesses and strengths in the particular subject or area of learning.

It serves to 2 purposes –.

  • Diagnosis – Identify causes for the weaknesses.
  • Prognosis – Measure extent of learning outcome.


  • Observational techniques.
  • Testing methods like clinical testing, psychological testing, educational testing, etc.

Importance of Diagnostic Testing / Need of Diagnostic Testing / Utility of Diagnostic Testing / Merits of Diagnostic Testing

The Diagnostic test is useful to the teachers of English for many reasons –.

  • Identify the causes of slow progress among students.
  • Identify the students who make slow progress in the learning of the subject.
  • Identify the specific areas which need remediation.
  • Place the students properly in the teaching-learning process.
  • Provide proper feedback to students and parents.
  • Heighten and hasten the efficiency of the teaching – learning process.
  • Modify the methods of teaching English.
  • They are also a tool to help identify the teacher’s shortcomings too in case many students are showing deficiency in one particular understanding.

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Achievement Testing

Explain Achievement Testing.
Achievement Testing –
As per N.M. Downie – “Any test that measure the attainments or accomplishments of an individual after a period of learning or training is called an Achievement Test.”.

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Illustrate maxims of teaching?

Illustrate maxims of teaching –
Learning is essentially a matter of correct habits of thinking, application and adapts skills. In subject teaching, the teacher should follow the following maxims –

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Difference between Achievement Test and Diagnostic Test

Difference between Achievement Test and Diagnostic Test
Achievement Test
Objective is to locate extent of mastery or learning objectives.
Purpose is selection, gradation, promotion, classification, research, etc.

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Meaning and advantages of Year-Plan / Annual-Plan

Meaning and advantages of Year-Plan / Annual plan
“The key to successful teaching is planning.”
A Year Plan is an annual planning of the syllabus of a subject, wherein the syllabus to be covered is tentatively distributed into certain number of units…

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