Achievement Testing

Explain Achievement Testing.

Achievement Testing

As per N.M. Downie – “Any test that measure the attainments or accomplishments of an individual after a period of learning or training is called an Achievement Test.”.

Thus Achievement test are used to measure the degree of mastery of skills, concepts, processes and knowledge of a subject.

Achievements tests help us to know not only whether the learning outcomes have been produced or not but also to what extent they have been attained or mastered.

Utility of Achievement Testing / Importance of Achievement Testing/ Merits of Achievement Testing/ Need of Achievement Testing

  • Teacher comes to know if the objectives have been achieved or not.
  • Helps to know extent to which mastery has been attained in a subject.
  • To know the range of abilities displayed by the students.
  • To identify individual differences so that proper grouping of students can be done. Eg. Gifted learners, slow learners, etc.
  • The results of these tests can help management/administrators to screen students at the time of admissions or for scholarships or for exchange programs or competency programs or awards.
  • Teacher may notice strengths and weaknesses of the pupils.
  • Used to compare individual or group performances.
  • Used as data in statistics.
  • Of great help in guidance and counseling.
  • Good results will motivate students to do better.
  • Provide feedback to parents of their wards.
  • Curriculum can be evaluated and changed over a period of time based on the general pattern of results seen in these tests.
  • Modification and improvement of teaching-learning process.

Limitations  of Achievement Testing

  • Reliability and validity of the test varies from teacher to teacher who constructs the test.
  • Students tend to focus on pre-determined important items which will help them gain marks.
  • Difficult to develop an ideal achievement that will test understanding, critical evaluation and application and appreciation of general principles.
  • Subjectivity may creep in during scores. Eg. Essay type examinations.

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