Teachers role in Teaching of hearing impaired student in class

Teacher’s role in Teaching of hearing impaired student in class

1) Pre-teach specific language and concepts required to ensure the student has the required prior knowledge for the activity.

2) Gain the student’s attention before you give instructions.

3) Ensure that you are clearly visible to the student at all times.

4) Keep your hands and other objects away from your face while speaking.

5) Use normal clear speech. Do not exaggerate your speech.

6) Avoid speaking while facing the blackboard.

7) Avoid moving around the classroom while speaking.

8) Communicate clearly. Repeat and rephrase when necessary. Emphasize key words.

9) Use a focusing phrase e.g. “listen to this question”.

10) Check for understanding by asking the student to tell you what they need to do or repeat what they heard.

11) Use buddies to help relay and rephrase information.

12) Give students time to look at visual aids before talking to the aid so that the student with a hearing impairment has time to shift their attention from the visual to the auditory.

13) Use visual aids such as word webs and semantic maps and concrete examples to illustrate the links between information.

14) Provide an outline of what is to be learnt, focus on key concepts and opportunities to practice and demonstrate competence in a number of ways.

15) Increase opportunities to practice new skills and concepts – teaching a younger child; demonstrating to other adults in the school; practicing on the computer with a peer.

16) Utilize available human resources – peer tutoring, teacher aides, special educators, therapy services, interpreters, notetakers.

17) Encourage class members to use sign language with the student if needed.

18) Teach routines, expectations of behavior and consequences explicitly.

19) Display routines visually using timetables or calendars of upcoming events.

20) Explain sudden changes of routine so students know what is going on around them.

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