Remedial measures for Wastage and Stagnation

Remedial measures for Wastage and Stagnation.

1) We should try to remove the heterogeneity in society where the rich become richer and the poor, poorer.

2) Sufficient financial aid should be provided for adequate infrastructure such as school building, electricity, water, blackboards, furniture in classrooms, etc.

3) Give incentives and special allowances to the teachers.

4) Spread awareness amongst the adults how education is advantageous and important and how it ensures a bright and secure future.

5) Provide free textbooks and stationary, uniforms, food, subsidized lunch, etc.

6) Adjust school hours as per local needs. E.g. Implement mobile schools such as “Shetu Shala”

7) Apply new teaching methods and carry out regular comprehensive evaluation instead of yearly evaluation.

8) Appoint devoted teachers– deal strictly with inconsistent, irregular and harsh ones. Frame proper contracts to curb their absenteeism.

9) Provide transport facility and medical aid.

10) Motivate and praise children on their performance.

11) Along with regular education impart some form of spaced out vocational training. This will act as a long-term incentive to parents as they know the skill can later be used to earn money.

12) Implement recommendations by the education commission such as –

a. Abolish exams at the end of Class 1 and merge first two classes into one unit.
b. Introduce a year of pre-school education.
c. Organize literacy programs in villages.
d. Provide part-time education so that children can aid parents in their occupations and still be able to gain education.


Thus wastage and stagnation is a major problem in a highly populous country such as ours and we should work on a war footing towards eradicating this problem so that good education and values seep into the remotest corner of our country.

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