Scope of education

B.Ed First Year Notes English Medium

Q. Scope of education

1) Scope means range of outlook, view, application, operation and effectiveness. Scope encompasses breadth, comprehension, and variety of learning experiences that can be provided in the education process.

2) Education begins in the womb and ends in the tomb. Its theme is life.

3) Thus education is concerned with the whole man – his whole life comes under the purview of education.

4) Education is broader than obtaining knowledge.

5) Education influences our physical, mental, social emotional, ethical, creative and spiritual development.

6) Education fits us into the environment around us so that we enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of life in socially approved channels.

7) In short, education “IS” life – it includes manners, morals, tastes, interests, likes, dislikes, loves, hates, etc..

Scope of Education includes –

a. Education for adaptability
b. Education for problem-solving
c. Education for leisure
d. Education for family-living
e. Education for understanding modern world and modern society.

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