Characteristics of a Good Textbook

Characteristics of a Good Textbook.

External Expects of a Good Textbook:-

  • Cover page:-
  • Back cover page:-
  • Paper:-
  • Letter size:-
  • Book size:-
  • Price:-

Internal Aspects of a Good Textbook:-

  • Curriculum and achievement of objectives.
  • Index: – should mention sub-points and page no.
  • organization of subject or topic in textbooks
    1. Subject area should be correct and accurate.
    2. Psychological development and their interest should be taken in to consideration
    3. Chapter should be written according to units.
    4. Proper figures, pictures, formula etc.
    5. It should suggest practical and activities for students.
  • Core elements and values:- should contain proper examples and e.g. for inculcating the ten core values.
  • Language:- should be simple and suitable for students.

Exercise:- it should contains exercises.

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The text book should fulfill the two major considerations:-  Evaluation of std IX Text-book: –
A:  Academic:-Index: text book includes index of 13 lessons in a systematic manner.
Syllabus/subject matter: subject matter is according to psychological needs and requirement on the child. It is related to pupils environment. It had practical utility as well as informative.

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