Criteria of good geography text book

Criteria of a good Geography text book.

A good text is very important in the teaching learning process. Text book plays an integral part. Book is a very good source of authentic information and believed to have correct and authentic information and content. There are many internal and external factors which affects the quality of a book. Some of them are as mentioned below:

Factors affecting quality of a book

Internal Factors External Factors
1. Sequence of units 1. Front and back page
2. Accuracy in content 2. Size of the text
3. Up o date knowledge 3. Pages
4. Relevant examples 4. Printing/font
5. Exercises and activities 5. Binding
6. Statistical Information 6. Price
7. Pictures, maps, graphs 7. Special pictures
8. Length of the content 8. Coloured picture and maps

Criteria of a good text book –

  1. A good text should be child centred.
  2. It must have all the necessary information for the learner.
  3. The topics should be well illustrated with proper pictures, graphs, maps, diagrams.
  4. The textbook should have a simple and clear language.
  5. There should be proper exercises and must give good worksheet exercises after each lesson.
  6. A good textbook must have a physical appearance.
  7. A textbook should be reasonably priced.
  8. It must not be very expensive as all children should be able to afford to buy it.
  9. The pages must be of good quality.
  10. It must have properly distributed information and in a proper sequence.

Thus the above are criteria for a good textbook. A textbook should be therefore well designed. It is a useful aid in the teaching learning of Geography.

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