Explain Relation between Syllabus and Textbooks

Explain Relation between Syllabus and Textbooks

Syllabus:  An outline of the course of study is a pattern of subject which should be completed in fixed time.

Information about the total formal things, which should be completed in fixed, specific time in given syllabus

Syllabus is dependent upon curriculum and it means that objectives, content and other things are reflected in syllabus from curriculum.

Curriculum:  Curriculum is the total effort of the school to bring about desired outcomes in school and out of school situations.


Meaning: Manual of instructions is standard book in a branch of study.                                                  –Oxford


A book in which part of study recommended in syllabus, problems or questions are given for self-evaluation of pupils and content is given to learn is called textbook.

It means a book which includes content referred in syllabus, evaluation methods, tools, techniques etc. is called textbook

Textbook helps the students to know proper, real information about learning, what is to be learn? And what is the content?

Textbook provides practice in the form of exercise. It helps to explain content in the form of pictures, diagrams, graphs etc. using different attractive color.

Relation Between Syllabus And Textbook:

Textbooks are formulated according to syllabus. It means objectives, content of syllabus etc. are reflected in textbooks. The required change is brought in pupils with the help of syllabus of textbook. The total information is given in textbook is in orderly way like important points, sub-points/unit, sub-units of syllabus are included in textbooks, which helps to understand properly and clearly to pupil. We say that the content in syllabus is reflected in textbook. There must be correlation between syllabus and textbook, though this relation should be tested by the help of analysis of textbook.

At primary stage and secondary stage, textbooks are made by different Committees or Board.

Types of textbooks

  • Intensive readers – To acquaint students with proper linguistic material.
  • Teacher’s Handbook – Complementary to the Intensive readers. Provides teachers with guidelines on how to handle teaching points of the Intensive reader.
  • Workbooks – Provide extra practice material to the students in the form of variety of exercises.
  • Supplementary readers (Extensive/Rapid Readers) – For supplementing the student’s skills and providing extensive and interesting reading material for them to improve in and get a batter hang of the language. 2 types – Progressive (new vocabulary)and Plateau (consolidates current vocabulary).

Place of textbook in School curriculum

  • Guide for teacher
  • Memory aid for students
  • Permanent record of units
  • Uniting factor
  • Means of extending linguistic experiences and abilities.
  • Exercise ground for reading.
  • Examples and stories help to promote understanding.
  • Brings a system to teaching.
  • Checks unnecessary repetitions and omissions.

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Types of syllabus in education

Functional & Notional Syllabi –
Both Functional and Notional syllabi are predesigned. They decide the criteria of the selection of the contents and the actual selection of contents. The selection is done according to their usefulness and practicality. It includes various situations such as introduction, conversation, giving congratulations, etc.

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Distinguish between Curriculum and Syllabus

We use two words Curriculum and Syllabus having same meaning in daily life but they have different meaning according to nature.
Definition of Syllabus:- An outline of the course of study to be completed in a fixed time.
Definition of Curriculum:- Curriculum is the total effort of the school to bring the desired outcomes in school and out of school situations

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Characteristics of a Good Textbook

External Expects of a Good Textbook:-
Cover page, Back cover page, Paper, Letter size, Book size, Price
Internal Aspects of a Good Textbook:-

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Qualities of a good text book

The text book should fulfill the two major considerations:-  Evaluation of std IX Text-book: –
A:  Academic:-Index: text book includes index of 13 lessons in a systematic manner.
Syllabus/subject matter: subject matter is according to psychological needs and requirement on the child. It is related to pupils environment. It had practical utility as well as informative.

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