Functions or Role of District Education Officer ( primary and secondary ) at district level

Functions/Role of (District) Education Officer (primary and secondary) (district level)

For better results of all educational programmes, individual ZP educational officers are appointed for primary section and secondary section separately at this post.

Functions for primary and secondary level

  • Respective officers present the educational progress report to the Directorate about primary/secondary education before 31st.
  • For primary level, planning for and carry out implementation of free and compulsory primary education for that district.
  • To recommend to the sub-directorate of education about the recognition for all newly started primary/secondary schools.
  • To sanction grant for government aided schools.
  • To inspect and guide all the schools of that district.
  • To survey and give grants to various educational institutions of that district.
  • To control and decide transfer for the teachers who are working in ZP schools.
  • To organize various national and educational programs in the schools.
  • To present report about social education

Q . Functions/Role of Educational Inspector (related with Principal)

  • To prepare a report about educational inspection and submit it to the Director.
  • To supervise and control the work of principals.
  • To give guidance to the principals of the schools those who are directly responsible for school administration and discipline.
  • To recommend grant in aid for non-government schools.

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