Functions and Role of Education Director for the educational administration

Functions/Role of Education Director (not the same as Directorate)

He is the highest executive responsible for the educational administration of the entire state.

     A. On-the-job functions –
    1. Administer education at all levels of the state
    2. Frame policies, proposals and submit to the Secretary for approval.
    3. Organize training programs for primary and secondary teachers.
    4. Guidance to all educational institutions of the state.
    5. Advise Education Minister about entire state education.
     B. Publish, Present and Implement –
    1. Yearly expenditure budget to state government
    2. Report of ZP to state govt. about free & compulsory primary education with recommendations.
    3. Notices issued by the secretary of education.
    4. Educational progress report of state government.
    5. Educational policies, planning and give orders according to it.
     C. Determine, Sanction and Disburse grants and special grants in aid to –
    1. State Universities
    2. Local Bodies
    3. Primary and Secondary Schools
    4. Privately managed institutions
     D. Supervise, Control and Guide
    1. Work of state government
    2. Educational Officers
    3. Private institutions for their academic progress.
     E. Representative functions
    1. Chairman of the State Board of Secondary Education.
    2. Member of Executive Council of State Universities.
    3. Represents Government on University Committees.
     F. Appointments of
    1. “A” and “B” Grade Officers.
    2. Educational Officers and Deputy Educational Officers of ZP and Corporation Schools

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