What is Administration? Explain the administration/structure at State Level

Government administrative setup and authorities

What is Administration? Explain the administration and structure at State Level.


Administration is a working organizational setup encompassing all activities from planning, financing, managing, and implementation to review, feedback and innovation.


Ordway Tead – “A comprehensive effort to direct, guide and integrate, associating human strivings which are focused towards some specific ends or aims.”

Graham – “Educational administration is to enable the right pupils to receive the right education from the right teacher at a cost within the means of the state under conditions which will enable the pupils to profit by their training.”

Make a diagram of setup
After diagram write 1-2 lines (from intro) about Ministry, Secretariat, Directorate, District Education Officer and Block Education Officer

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Cumulative Record Card in School
Cumulative Record Card in School

The Cumulative Record Card is a type of document which contains a comprehensive picture of the history and personality of the child from the day he enters school till he leaves it.

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Role of Secretary and Role of Directorate in Education

The Secretary, generally an IAS Officer functions as the link between Ministry and Directorate. He frames policies and passes orders on behalf of the Government.

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Functions and Role of Education Director for the educational administration

He is the highest executive responsible for the educational administration of the entire state.
On-the-job functions – Administer education at all levels of the state, Frame policies, proposals and submit to the Secretary for approval.

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