Importance or Need of Vocationalisation

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Vocationalisation of Education

Importance/Need of Vocationalisation

Vocationalisation, introduced by the Kothari Commission after 1965 is still relevant and crucial in modern times –

1) It provides the society with middle man-power & personnel having a wide spectrum of knowledge and training for its own need and upliftment.

2) It can greatly help in faster economic growth of the nation.

3) It involves study of technologies and related sciences so leads towards innovation and progress.

4) It provides technical skills at a grass-root level which will boost the self-sufficiency of the rural sectors.

5) It helps improve the efficiency of children in special fields with the introduction of productive and tangible work and thus boosting self-confidence.

6) With the right incentives given to employers, it will greatly help to resolve problems of unemployment.

7) Children develop practical skills, attitudes and knowledge relating to occupations in various sectors of life. So it is an investment for the future.

8) Children and parents gain self-confidence as they can be confident of securing their future with a job.

9) It can be used to entice parents to send children to school especially in rural sectors for earning as well as learning as per Mahatma Gandhi’s calling.

Thus Vocationalisation is a very timely innovation and all out efforts need to be made to make the scheme successful.

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