Concept and Importance of local geography

Importance of local geography

Concept and importance of geography

Local Geography is the study of our immediate local environment or surroundings. 

Initially, for a child, it may start from the environment around his home, his school and then extend to the open surrounding around his town into neighbouring towns or villages. In later stages it expands even further to include his district, state and country.

There are various ways of studying local geography such as observation of natural phenomena, field trips and excursions, surveys, etc.

Merits of local geography

  1. The study of local geography will provide direct learning experiences
  2. It encourages the spirit of exploration
  3. It develops imagination and visualization powers.
  4. It makes observation powers keener. 
  5. It helps the child to develop good community relationships
  6. It provides a better understanding of geographical concepts.

The teacher may make profitable use of this rich source and can effectively teach many subjects such as islands, valleys, forts, mountains, rivers, lakes, shorelines, seasons, dams, rocks, plains, plateau, etc.

A Teacher who ignores Local Geography is neglecting a rich source of creating geographical interest in the child.

Thus Local Geography is the base or foundation on which the further structure of advanced study of Geography is raised.

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Correlation of one branch of Geography with other two branches
Correlation of one branch of Geography with other two branches

Correlation of 1 branch of  Geography with other 2 branches of  Geography
The relationship between 2 different subjects or between 2 different branches of the same subject, which have equal or related or dependent factors is called Correlation.

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National animal of India | National Symbols
National animal of India | National Symbols

What is the national animal of India ?
Royal Bengal Tiger is the National Animal of India. This status was conferred in April 1973. Panthera Tigris Tigris is the scientific name of Bengal Tiger. Tigers is one of the largest specimen among the cat family. Royal Bengal Tiger is graceful, strong, agile and powerful.

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Standard score
Standard score

Standard scores: Z AND T
Definition of Z-scores:
Z-Scores are a transformation of raw scores into a standard form, where the transformation is based on knowledge about the population’s mean and standard deviation.

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Geography teacher qualities
Geography teacher qualities

The qualities of a Geography teacher
A good Geography teacher should possess the following qualities –
1. She should have a pleasant X-factor personality.
2. She must have mastery over the content and thorough knowledge of the subject.

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