Geography teacher qualities

The qualities of a Geography teacher

A good Geography teacher should possess the following qualities –

  1. She should have a pleasant X-factor personality.
  2. She must have mastery over the content and thorough knowledge of the subject.
  3. She must be a researcher and always be willing to learn.
  4. She must make good use of teaching aids such as maps, globes, IT aids, audio-video, k-yan, OHP, etc. wherever necessary.
  5. She must be a polite person and a disciplined person.
  6. She should have keen observation skills.
  7. She should have knowledge of using various equipment available in the geography room
  8. She must be well-trained and a qualified person.
  9. She must have a good sense of humour to make students enjoy learning geography as it can be quite dry with certain topics.
  10. She must take students on excursions and field trips so that they can get direct learning experiences.
  11. While teaching topics like rain, etc. she must know how to use the rain gauge and other such apparatus.
  12. She should have good health and a sound mind in a sound body with a cheerful disposition.
  13. She should have knowledge of psychology to work as per individual differences.
  14. Good Moral character with free, fair and impartial attitude towards all students.

Thus the geography teacher plays an important role in making Geography an interesting subject.

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