Academic needs of a school with their importance

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4. Essential infrastructural facilities in secondary and higher secondary schools

Q. Explain any 4 academic needs of a school with their importance.

The school is the second home of the child where he spends a lot of his time.
Four basic academic needs of a good school are-
1) Playground – All children love to play and proper physical development of the child takes place here. Stamina and physical fitness is built here. Helps a child to take active part in sports and develop sportsmanship and a love for the outdoors. Helps to de-stress and build a good memory power that will help him study and cope well.
2) Library – Children can enhance their knowledge and widen their perspectives by reading different types of books. Vocabulary improves and his ability to assess, assimilate and think increases. His creative and imaginative powers also develop.
3) Science laboratory – It is a very important need as it is the place of direct learning and first hand experiencing of various concepts and ideas where the child becomes an active learner. The child performs various experiments on his own leading to better retention and enjoyment and interest.
4) Computer Lab – This facility is the need of the hour in today’s times of technology. It will help the child to learn all about computers, how to operate them and various software. He also gets additional information from all over the world thanks to the internet connection. Poor and deprived children can also thus keep pace with the well provided for children.

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